The Farm came into existence, when in 2001 we left Dallas, Texas, to find my mountain, to Retire in the beautiful Ozarks were GOD brought us. The mountains was part of my life in Bavaria, Germany... So, the LORD brought us to Mena, Arkansas. We had raised Arabians, for 30 years in Texas, were we were actively showing and breeding the Egyptian and the Polish Arabians. We were lucky to have acquired a *Serafix son, that we used to start our program. We also used Bask, and some Ansata, Egyptian breeding. The cross was what we wanted to achieve athletic type of horse.
We had Ansata Egyptian Farm right here in Mena, Arkansas.
We left Texas with 4 mares and our *Serafix,*Bask cross Stallion. After a while they got to be to much for me, so I sold them to a younger person, who wanted to set up their breeding program. I kept my Show Gelding to ride for pleasure here in the mountains, until he got later in years. BH Char. Haifi, was retired to pasture, were he lived a full life until last year, of 2010, when he was 31 years old.

In 2003 I was in Ft. Worth , Texas, at Will Rogers Coliseum were I saw a Miniature Horse Show and Sale. From that point on I was hooked with these little guys. I was fortunate enough to find a excellent Miniature Horse Farm right here in Mena, Arkansas which had top notch Horses from UNO Miniatures and some were for sale. We toured the farm and we saw a black gelding, that my husband wanted, but of course, he had to have a buddy to keep him company!! So, he got 2 of them, for company...... the black gelding at, first was my husbands favorite, but later turned out that Wolfe and I bonded together like {peas and carrots} I started to see how the Miniature Horse was so very smart, so we started our show career in halter, halter obstacle, jumping, {were I really got my exercise!} and buggy classes in .A.M.H.A. shows,in Texas. Wolfe was so willing to please me, in everything that I asked of him.You will hear more news of Wolfe, on the Wolfe page, an extraordinary Gelding.

In 2003, we started thinking about our Breeding program, so we decided on the UNO /Buckeroo cross. Since then we have remained a small Quality Farm with well known Champion horses in the Pedigrees . We breed for Quality and some of the Arabian features and offer a few select horses for sale each year!! To our prospective buyers, we can offer the beautiful small horses, mountains to see and also available are staying accommodations on the farm.
You might also be able to see our Trick Gelding Wolfe perform.

We welcome visitors but prior arrangements must be made in advance.! We are not always on the farm

Bob and Heidi Nicholson of B&H Miniature Horses
103 Pine Hollow lane
Mena, Arkansas. 71953
Phone. 479-243-0389

GOD BLESS YOU, Thank you for looking and have a glorious day
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