2009 FOALS
BH Lil Kings Busy Lil Bucks Bukette

Foaled; 7-1-2009, A.M.H.A. Reg: A195494, Buckskin mare, Height 28.50" measured on 1-30-11
Sire: Little Kings Busy Little Buck, Grandsire: Little Kings Supreme Dream X to Boones Little Buckeroo
Dam: Olive Branchs Penny Lane... X to Little Kings Bantam Buckeroo.....x to Boones Little Buckeroo

Little Bukette, was our first foal out of our Stallion Little Buck { See Stallion Page } we were so excited since she was a buckskin, out of a sorrel /pinto Mare. She is now a Two Year old and still retained her small correct size, 28.50" , since we are aiming in our breeding program to be 30' inches and less. She is a very sensible filly and correct in every way, with beautiful head, dark oval eyes that seem to be piercing right through you ! She has started some schooling in the Round Pen, for hopefully a show career. A very upright filly, with good action, from her Sires and Dams Lines.
BH Unos Nite Shade Karisma

Foaled: 3-23-2009, A.M.H.A. Reg. A194568, A.M.H.R. 300943, Black, Mare.
Sire: Rio Reds Scouts Ghost Dancer x to Fallen Ash Farms Scout Outloud x to L&D Scout
Dam: Uno Nite Shade x to Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo

Kassie, as we call her on the farm, a tall leggy filly with a lot of energy and trot went to her new owner as a yearling.
2008 FOALS
BH Thunder Hawks Morning Glory

Foaled ; 6-03-2008, Black with blaze face, Mare
Sire ; Reeces Thunder Hawk x to 4 GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure
DAM: Olive Branchs Penny Lane x to Little Kings Bantam Buckeroo x to Boones Little Buckeroo

Morning Glory, a real show off, loves people of all ages, with her sweet nature, made her a perfect candidate for her new owner. Even though we enjoyed her for one year. She is doing great things for her new owner, being trained to pull a buggy as a two year old, and really enjoying to trot and obey her owner! A real joy to work with her, so says her new owner Lisa, from Texas hoping to have her go into the shows, as a three year old
2007 FOALS
BH Dancers Black Magic

Foaled : 5-27- 2007, A.M.H.A. Reg : A 182444, Black, Stallion
Sire; Rio Reds Scouts Ghost Dancer x to Fallen Ash Farms Scout Out Loud x to L& D Scout
Dam: Ballards Picture Perfect x to Lowes Low Rider

Magic, A gentle colt that loves to trot, won the hearts of his new owner Lisa Canon of Weatherford, Texas, as a weanling. He is being enjoyed, in many events, in the show ring, such as halter, liberty, jumping, and driving! A stallion, that can do it all
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