2010 FOALS
BH Unos Zoeie Snow Ball

Foaled: 4-06-2010, A.M.H.A. Reg: A 200991, Cremello colt with 2 blue eyes and star, Height: 26" measured on 1-24-11
Sire :Little Kings Busy Little , Buck, Grandsire; Little Kings Supreme {by Buckeroo } Dam: Uno Zoeie, out of Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo

Snow Ball, as we call him, because he is so white like snow, and like a little ball of hair! He is a real mover, like a firecracker going off! He has extreme type of a tiny Arabian, with a chiseled head, small typed ears, a well put together body and he will stay small 28-30, inches. He is a real farm stopper with his show attitude that he has inherited from the UNO line and BUCKEROO. We are grooming him for the future shows. See his picture from weanling to yearling and make your own decision on him. Hopefully he will follow in his Sires, Grandsires, and Dams Line, in the Show Ring
BH Unos Blondie Bandino

Foaled: 3-24-2010, A.M.H.A. Reg; A200899, Palomino/with star colt, Height : 29" measured on 1-24-2011
Sire: Bandoleros High Class, Grandsire: Marks Dominators Bandolero Dam: Uno Two Steps Blondie, To Sierra Dawn Uno de Mayo

Bandino as we call him, has a lot of famous ancestry in his background. Show Horses such as, Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo, Sids Dominator, Fallen Ash, L&D Scout, Sids Rebel also Running Bares Classy Comment, who was World Champion Liberty Horse. Bandino has great movements, with his long trotting legs, stepping up high, a beautiful Arabian head, also with dark points of a palomino. Level top line, dark eyes that are very expressive! He has a great disposition, could be a Amateur or Youth Horse for Show Competion. He loves attention and is showy when you ask him to show off !
BH Lil Kings Busy Bucks Starlight

Foaled: 6-03-2010, A.M.H.A. reg : A201179, Black Pinto Filly, Height 25.50 " measured on 1-25-11
Sire; Little Kings Busy Little Buck, Grandsire: Little Kings Supreme Dream x to Boones Little Buckeroo
Dam: Olive Branchs Penny Lane x to Boones Little Buckeroo

Little Starlight is a small filly with a lot of action, she loves to run and play with her 2 year old full sister in the pasture. She gets worked in the round pen, learning what to do in the show ring, like voice commands. She is very smart to know what is expected of her. Even though she is small, she is put together correctly, with good leg action, a very pretty Arabian head, good confirmation, loves to flag the tail with animation. She will take a little time to mature and will stay less than 30" when fully grown, a very sweet filly.
BH Busy Little Bucks A Lot

A.M.H.A. pending, Foaled : 4-01-2010, Chestnut with Flaxen mane and Tail, Colt
Sire: Little Kings Busy Little Buck x to Little Kings Supreme x to Buckeroo Dam: Ballards Picture Perfect ....x Sams Sugar Babe

Little Bucky, was a stout and feisty little colt that ran circles around you, a very energetic colt. he was with us for a few weeks, he then went with his Mom to a new Owner, that had to have him, you know, couldn't live without him!!! The pictures of him are just a few weeks old. In each case his Sire, Little Kings Busy Little Buck, is consistent in small correct foals that he has been producing
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