Uno Nite Shade

Foaled 4-22-2004 A.M.H.A reg. A152305 , black ,height 32"
Sire: SIERRA DAWN UNO DE MAYO Grandsire; Cottonwoods Star Dam: Koebecks Sundance , Granddam; RMDS Blue Velvet

Nite Shade was purchased as a 2 year old from Dennis Dodson, of UNO Miniatures, were her Sire is making his home here in Mena, Arkansas. We wanted to use her with our stallion, Little Kings Busy Little Buck, so she was selected to join our broodmares. To date she had a beautiful filly, that was sold as a yearling, she is an excellent Mom. She is now expecting her 2nd foal out of Little Buck, which we anxiously await in May. She is a mare that has the beautiful Arabian traits, dished head, long neck, level top line with powerful trotting action also with a very loving disposition.
Uno Two Steps Blondie

Foaled 5-30-2006 A.M.H.A. Reg.# A173128 palomino, Height 33"
Sire: Uno Two Step...Grandsire: Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo Dam: PM Dancin In The Daisies, Granddam: Wind Songs Skip A Starbright

Blondie, being a granddaughter of Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo , need not any more mention, who he is! We know about his standing with the leading Sires of the Miniature Horse Industry. Blondie, a very flashy trotting mare with that proud look of the Uno Breeding. She wanted to be a Mom, so we bred her to Bandoleros High Class in 2009 for the 1st time and she presented us with a beautiful also high steepen palomino colt, with that gorgeous Arabian head, long neck, level top line, he has the dark points of a palomino. He will be listed in the for sale page and is definitely a show stopper! Blondie will be expecting her 2nd foal in May, which may be for sale. Inquiries will be appreciated in May.
Blondie is Bred to Little Buck, our Buckeroo grandson, see him on the stallion page
Olive Branchs Penny Lane

Foaled 5-08-2003, A.M.H.A. # Reg; A 147732, Sorrel Pinto, Height 32.25 "
Sire: Little Kings Bantam Buckeroo, Grandsire: Boones Little Buckeroo Dam: Olive Branchs Jackpot, Granddam: Daisy Meadows Black Molly

Penny, was acquired from Toni Reece, of Reece Family Miniatures, to complement our Buckeroo breeding line. She has given us to date 3 classic filly's one was sold as a yearling, we have retained a 2 year old and last years filly born in 2010. Penny is a very good mama, she produces small size with color on the foals. Both of the filly's are out of our Little Buck Stallion, one being black /white pinto and the two year old being buckskin. Penny is bred back to Little Buck this year for a May foal. Penny proved to be an excellent addition to our breeding program. Her sire Little Kings Bantam Buckeroo is a Top Ten National Champion being only 28" tall. He was sold to Europe, were he is making a name for himself and for his new owner!
You can see Penny's filly's on the foals page and for sale page
Uno Zoeie

Foaled 4-11-2006..sorrel/pinto A.M.H.A. reg.# 173139. Height 28.50
Sire: Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo / Cotton Woods Star Dam: Dodson Arrows Black Crystal /4GS Rowdy Lovers Dollar Belle

UNO ZOEIE Daughter of the Famous Sierra Uno DeMayo who has 21 A.M.H.A. National Titles and 9 A.M.H.A. National Championships, Senior Stallion, National Grand Champion, National Reserve Champion Driving Stallion, National Champion Amateur Stallion Driving Champion. Also, get of Sire National Reserve Champion....... UNO Zoeie, was shown as a 2 year old winning at 3 different shows to qualify for the World National Championship Show in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2008. She was a little cranky, since she was in heat, so she didn't perform to the best of her ability, we still had fun, and she got looked at a lot while we were there.!!... We decided to breed her as a 3 year old, to our Stallion LITTLE KINGS BUSY LITTLE BUCK a Top 10 in the World Show, to see what he can produce, being a BUCKEROO grandson. She gave us a beautiful Cremello colt with 2 pretty blue eyes, a type Arabian Head, very tiny with great conformation and a lot of pizzaz with flagging tail. so you really don't need anything better than that !! We are currently working with him to get him ready for this years shows..!!!. UNO ZOEIE is bred back to Little Buck for this year foal in May... We are happy with this cross of the UNO line and BUCKEROO .. You can see this colt under the foal section, he is not for sale at this time.
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