Dodson Wolf Man

Foaled: 4-05-1999....Black Gelding..A.M.H.A .#A103114 Height :32.75"
Sire :Komokos Son of Running Brave x Komokos Chief Running Brave

WOLFE is the one that started ,B&H Miniature Horses. He is one of a Kind, very sweet, loyal disposition, that is ready for a challenge !! He will do anything for you, within Reason, of course. He is my BUDDY, my FRIEND, and LOYAL COMPANION. He will walk in your House or on the Porch, say yes or no, bow down, shake his front leg, then he will dance for you, wave the American Flag, play ball with you and march with his front legs or rear up on command, also, pick up small balls and toys and bring them to you. Wolfe is like your favorite dog that can do these things. One of his other tricks is go on a teeter totter, balance himself and rock back and forth. He also does the hula hoop, he likes to jump over different jumps. He loves to entertain, !!! Some of the pictures will show him at Mena Manor Nursing Home, entertaining the Seniors, .... at Church Vacation Bible School.. . Children's Birthday Parties, Christmas Parades. He also performed at Fair Grounds here in Mena. WOLFE, was also a Show Horse in his younger years, competing in halter, Halter Obstacle, jumping and buggy classes...country pleasure driving.....He also was nominated as the Ultimate A.M.H.A. Gelding.
Tail cutting ceremony, longest tail on a miniature horse
Preforming at Nursing Home
Wolfe preforming at Birthday Party in 2007
WOLFE was purchased in 2002 from UNO Miniatures for me to learn with, and to enjoy my First Miniature Horse, he also had 2 buddies to keep him company, since I didn't want him to be unhappy. We had a lot of fun together learning about each other...We bonded like {peas and carrots together}........I worked with him daily, teaching him all kinds of tricks, he knows about 25-30 and is still learning more.........WOLFE had such a nice tail, full and almost touching the ground.... Wolfe and I thought maybe we can try and see how long we can get the tail to grow....So , we worked on it, oiling the tail, keeping it wrapped, and clean.......It was a lot of work ,and I didn't know where we were going with it, until someone said try for the World Guinness Records Book. So we contacted them, they told me what to do, to take pictures, with the News paper Editor to be verifying tail. the measurement,................ The Longest Tail Record of a Miniature horse
In Memory of Patches, Wolfes' long time buddy.
Patches will be greatly missed. he was only 27" tall and a friend indeed to Wolfe. Sadly he passed away due to Colic.
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